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Our workshop is located at Gjeving, just behind Lyngørfjorden Kystkultursenter. Address: Gjevingveien 192 

Please feel free to contact us for any further inquiries. 

Postal address

Green Waves AS, Torjuskjærveien 1, 4912 Gjeving, Norway


Ida Salomonsen Thorrud

General Manager of Green Waves Ltd. Qualified accountant, work experience from accounting and economy, customer care and general trading activities.

Tel: +47 95 74 56 24 / +47 48 42 85 03


Ole Jakob Salomonsen

Technical Manager of Green Waves Ltd. Qualified Naval architect and marine engineer. Experience from general marine activities, boat design/boatbuilding, shipbuilding/operation, ship insurance, negotiations, offshore oil related work. Worked several years abroad in Germany, Switzerland, Turkey, Dubai etc.

Tel: +47 90 59 12 20 / +47 48 42 85 03


Carl Fredrik Salomonsen

Carl Fredrik has a degree in Mechatronic and is a qualified electrician. He is a specialist in complex control system for gas turbines and ancillary equipment.


Karsten Emil Salomonsen

Karsten Emil is qualified as a Coded Welder and Mechanic. He has years of experience from multidiscipline work, both on- and offshore.